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20 Affordable Gifts Every RVer Friend Would Beg To Get

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Have you struggled to think of gift ideas for RV owners you know?

When my mom moved into her RV full-time, I struggled to think of gift ideas for RV owners. It can be so difficult to think of fun and useful gifts that don’t take up a lot of space.

The second year my mom lived in her RV I had a brilliant Christmas gift picked out for her. This was so exciting because her first year as a full-timer was painful trying to figure out what to get her.

When she opened it, I knew what she was thinking, “What am I going to do with this? It is just another

perfect gifts for rv owners tried and recommended by a full-time RVer

thing I need to find a place for in my kitchen cabinets!”

Not only does my mom buy about anything she wants if she wants it bad enough, but the RV gift dilemma is real. There is little extra space and certainly no room for a lot of knick-knacks and extra ‘fluff’ gifts, even though they are appreciated and loved.

The gift I got my mom that year?

The Ninja 4-in-1 pot.

Just the month before I had seen an advertisement for this Ninja, and I bought it for myself. I used it so much even in the first month, I knew she would love it!

Keep reading below (Gift #12) and you will see why I love it so much. Also, why it was the perfect gift for my mom! In fact, once she started using it she was able to empty her cabinets by giving away a small and large crock pot. She even got rid of a couple of pots and pans!

Years later, she still tells me and everyone that asks about it when she’s cooking that this was her favorite Christmas gift ever! She doesn’t even put it inside a cabinet. It has a permanent place sitting on her kitchen cabinet because she uses it daily.

Speaking for myself, I love all kinds of gifts, RV related or not! However, even when I love something, if there is not a place for it I feel bad to not use it or get rid of it because it was a thoughtful gift that I appreciate! This leaves me in a tough situation – what do I do with this gift?

With this in mind, you may do what I often do and take the safe route with a gift card. This allows the recipient to enjoy a nice meal with friends, buy what they want/need, etc.

While gift cards are a great option, there are times when I just want to get a good friend or loved one a 'real gift' to open. Start here for awesome ideas! Click To Tweet

For this reason, I have put this list together for you to give you ideas.

These gifts range from $20 to $200, so there will surely be something in your spending range. Keep in mind prices can change if any of them fall outside that range!

And if you find something you absolutely love that is out of your spending budget? Maybe you could get a few friends or family members to pitch in so you can give the gift you really want!

These gifts would also be perfect for a person or family living in a tiny house.

If you are looking for a smaller gift for your favorite RVer, I have also put together a list of gifts under $20 for you!

And as a full-time RVer myself, I have each of these items so I can personally recommend them. I would have loved to have gotten any one of them as a gift!

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Since I have each of the gifts listed below, I have included notes on why I like it and added it to the gift list. Full disclosure: I purchased each one at Amazon (my choice shopping place for the convenience) and the links are affiliate links. There is no charge to you if you click a link and end up purchasing! 🙂

If you scroll to the bottom of the list, I have also included the gifts side by side for you so you can easily compare them!

1 | Every RVer Loves Extra Counter Space

What RVer would not be happy with more counter space?

This cover is designed to fit all RV stoves and it sits on the top of the stove to give you full use of the stove as if it were part of your kitchen counter.

This is definitely one of the items I have purchased for my RV that I would go crazy without, especially now that I have had it to use. I wish I had purchased it in my prior RV instead of waiting!

2 | Get Clean Carpet With A Shampooer That Takes Up Little Space

The Bissell Little Green Machine is the perfect size to store in my underbelly storage, yet it cleans my carpets like a regular size shampooer.

With the small areas of carpet in most RVs, this is the only gadget you will need to not only spot clean your carpet, but to fully clean each room. It is especially useful if you travel with pets!

I chose this Bissell because it has a heater built-in that keeps the water hot.  This helps so I don’t have to do all the floors at one time. I can wait a bit in-between and still have hot water for maximum cleaning results!

3 | The Perfect Cup Holder Since Most RVs Don’t Have Living Room Tables

I came across these couch coasters when I was looking for a small table to set my drinks on when watching TV.

My RV has two full couches and a love seat with no tables for drinks. I love that it is roomy and has plenty of seating for friends and family; however, every living room needs a place to sit drinks or other things!

After reading the raving reviews on the couch coaster, I decided to give it a try. It is used every single day!

It took me less than a minute to order a second one. I have even considered ordering one more so they are sitting on the arms of each couch end.

There is an insert that is removable. It allows the couch coaster to hold glasses, coffee mugs, soda cans and bottles.

4 | Even RVers That Don’t Like To Take Selfies Will Love This Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

I am not a big selfie photo fan; however, there are times you really want to take a photo of some awesome scenery and you just don’t want part of your arm reaching out in the picture!

This selfie stick has legs so you can turn it into a tripod for your smart phone. Simply set it on a rock, cabinet, etc., remove the remote which connects to the smart phone through blue tooth, and snap the picture when you are ready!

It also extends for the times you don’t need to use it as a tripod but just want to get a nice full picture that is farther away than your arm can reach!

5 | The Multi-Pot Has Become A Kitchen Favorite For RVers

The Mealthy 9-in-1 Multipot is the equivalent to the Instant Pot.

When I was growing up, these kitchen gadgets were simply called pressure cookers! I have to smile when I think that giving something a cute or fancy name can create such a craze!

I hopped right on board and did a lot of research and reading, then chose the Mealthy 9-in-1 Multipot. It has been a dream to cook in.

My most recent recipe I cooked with it was White Chicken Chili (this was an exceptional recipe!)

I liked the price of the Mealthy. It has an app to download for recipes if you choose, and it comes with multiple accessories that you have to buy separate with other brands (including the Instant Pot!)

6 | Every Small Space Needs A Humidifier To Keep The Air Comfortable

This little dehumidifer does it’s job daily! I am currently in the South and the humidity can hang heavy in the air on any normal day.

I can see it working as the liquid slowly fills up the chamber. It is quick and easy to dump, which is about once a week but it does depend on the time of year and location.

I did have the dehumidifier sitting at the very front of the RV, and it seldom had liquid even barely covering the bottom.

As soon as I moved it to the middle of the RV (for me that is in-between the kitchen and living and my RV model has a front living room), I could see the difference when it starting collecting liquid from the air.

It definitely keeps my space more comfortable and the heater and AC more efficient.

RV with overlay to share RV gifts

7 | Boosting Cell Phone Service Is A Must For Every RVer So They Can Always Be In Touch With Family & Friends

The We-Boost cell phone signal booster is the highest-priced item I include on the gift list, and it is actually over the $200 range.

If you are looking for a gift that is useful and can be used by every RVer, and you are not on a tight budget, this is an excellent gift!

I waited almost a year to purchase this item. I researched, read, researched more, and finally decided reading more was not going to change whether it worked for me so I finally just tried it.

It raises my cell phone service 2 bars almost always. However, I do have to be in close proximity to the unit for it to work efficiently.

8 | A Keurig With A Coffee Pot Is The Perfect RVer Gift For The Times Friends Stop By For A Visit

I love the convenience of my Keurig!

I had a Keurig when they first came out. However, I did not like the taste of the coffee compared to brewed coffee. Over the years the process has apparently been perfected. Now I can get a perfect cup of coffee any time of day!

I chose this Keurig because it comes with the carafe. I can make 4 cups of coffee at one time for those lazy mornings when the weather isn’t cooperating. What better way to hang out in the RV and enjoy a quiet morning?

My favorite coffee is Green Mountain Dark Magic. I only drink decaf coffee, which can be difficult to find in the stores for a dark roast. Amazon brings it right to my door wherever I have traveled to!

The Keurig also makes great tea (peppermint is my favorite and works wonders for a tummy ache) and hot cocoa if that is something you enjoy as well as coffee!

9 | The Portable Induction Stove Saves Propane When The RVer Is Hooked Up To Electric (Included InThe Fees At Most RV Campgrounds)

The portable induction stove is definitely not a necessity, and some RVers would likely not want to use it to take up space. I actually sit mine in the oven since I rarely use my oven.

I try to keep everything electric as much as possible. Many RV parks do not charge extra for the use of electricity; however, propane bottles must be filled and that is not only a separate expense, but a minor inconvenience.

The induction stove easily slides out of my oven onto my stove counter top (Gift #1), keeping cooking convenient and simple!

10 | An Induction Stove Needs The Perfect Cookware For The Perfect Meal

The downside of an induction cook top is it requires induction cookware, which has a stainless steel bottom and is fairly heavy (compared to other pots and pans.)

I have one pot and one pan, which is plenty for anything I need to cook.

This is especially true since my 4-in-1 Ninja is also a cook top I can use to brown meat, saute, etc.!

I seldom use this pot; however, it works great when I need it!

I mostly use it to boil eggs, or small tasks such as this, since I use the Ninja 4-in-1 or the Multi-pot for most soups or other recipes that require a deeper pot.

It is a great asset to the kitchen when I need it!

11 | The Chef’s Stir Fry Pan Can Be Used For A Variety Of Meals To Keep RVers Cooking Like They Did Before Full-Timing

When I selected my pan for the induction cook top, I wanted one that was versatile and could be used to cook various items, such as browning meat, sauteing vegetables, whipping up some stir fry, etc.

This pan fits the role nicely!

It is great for all of those things, and even for frying bacon and eggs, making pancakes, etc. (when I cook my bacon and eggs traditionally – I typically use my microwave oven bacon tray and microwave oven omelette maker unless I want a fried egg!)

12 | The 4-in-1 Ninja Is A Kitchen Appliance EVERY RVer Needs

I can’t think of a more perfect gift idea for an RV owner.

I would even go as far to say that every RVer NEEDS a Ninja 4-in-1 multi-cooker!

I had this appliance long before I was a full-time RVer. When I started going through all the items to keep or get rid of, my then 25 year-old single son asked for one thing: my Ninja 4-in-1! (Somehow he ended up with it and I had to get another one for me!)

This cooker is ahhhmazing!

It is a stove top, oven, rice steamer, AND crock pot!

For example, I love making chili. I can brown my ground beef, then add all my ingredients and turn the setting to slow cooker. I don’t make a mess dirtying another pan or the stove. The pure convenience and efficiency is worth every penny.

I can do the same with a casserole. I make the base using the stovetop setting, then turn it to oven to bake. We get a homemade baked casserole without ever heating up the RV.

I love getting new ideas for my Ninja in this awesome Facebook group created all for the Ninja!

There are several different models out. My recommendation is just to be sure you are getting the 4-in-1 rather than the older models which are 3-in-1’s. The one my son kept was not the auto IQ and it worked just the same as mine with the auto IQ. It just doesn’t have pre-programmed recipes.

13 | Every Lady Needs Her Own ‘Her Kit’ – RVer Or Not (And I Find My Guys Sneaking Tools From It All The Time)

This is my ‘Her Kit.’ I get a lot of chuckles with it being pink, and I am not really sure why I selected pink since it is not my favorite color and I am not a pastel type of gal in most cases!

It has almost everything I need for my base tool kit. Also, the bag is easy to store with plenty of extra room to add to the tool collection!

14 | The Miniature Electric Screwdriver Is The Perfect Companion To The ‘Her Kit’

This miniature electric screwdriver works incredibly well when you don’t want to screw something in by hand!

I purchased pink to match my Her Kit; however, it comes in many colors!

It is definitely not a necessity. However, it is a nice convenience that slides right into the tool bag. I’m happy I have it when I do need to remove a screw!

15 | RVers Don’t Have To Give Up Outdoor Grilling Just Because They Don’t Have A Backyard Patio

If you know an RVer that loves to grill out, the Coleman Portable Grill is an excellent gift option for them!

This little grill folds flat and locks so it can be easily picked up to store in the underbelly compartment or pulled on its wheels to relocate anywhere outside the RV or wheel to a new friend’s RV across the street for dinner.

It grills evenly and nicely with a great bbq cooked-out flavor!

It uses small propane cylinders. I was surprised how long they lasted; of course, it depends on how long it takes to cook your meal each time so it could vary for you.

16 | The Perfect Companion To The Traveling Grill Or Any Grill That Needs A Cover When Your Favorite RVer Is Not On The Move For A Few Days

The Coleman Roadtrip Grill Cover fits nicely over the Grill to keep it out of the weather.

It has a velcro strap on either side to tighten it up around the grill after dropping it over the top, keeping any wind from blowing it away.

What makes this a perfect gift for an RV owner?  It collapses flat so it is easy to store during travel. The wheels are also a nice feature since it is common to have to move things around outside.

17 | I Would Be Miserable Living Without My Danby Dishwasher

Another perfect gift for an RV owner?

It is one I almost didn’t include!  However, I would be miserable living without my apartment size countertop dishwasher so it made the list!

I would have loved this as a gift so I didn’t have to buy it! If your favorite RVer has mentioned missing their dishwasher or hating to wash dishes, this would make them happy!

Just be sure to explore if they are willing to give up counter space for this handy kitchen appliance.

I run my dishwasher at least a couple times a day, and I put everything in it! I haven’t washed a dish by hand in many many months. In fact, I probably have only handwashed one or two since I purchased the dishwasher!

For me, it was worth giving up a whole section of counter top space. To my mom, it would not be. In fact, she didn’t believe me when I told her I was going to get it. (And this before I ever even had the RV!)

As a side note, we did have to remove the RV faucet and install a regular kitchen faucet for the dishwasher hose attachment to attach to the faucet. Dave was able to do that for me. Just be aware you would also probably need to swap the faucets.

RV faucets do not have the same fittings as house faucets.

18 | I Haven’t Used My RV Oven Once Since I Added The Cuisinart Toaster-Oven-Air Fryer To My Kitchen

The Cuisinart Toaster Oven, Convection Oven and Air Fryer is also a blessing in my kitchen.

There are so many items on the market that do more than one thing. This is a dream for RVers and tiny house owners that have limited space for multiple appliances.

This toaster oven is not small, but it is not much bigger than any toaster oven. I had the perfect place for it to set; however, many RVs would not support the additional room (the same as the dishwasher.)

Other than the timer not working very well, this little oven is perfect for baking and air frying.

19 | Air Fryers Are The New Kitchen Craze For Super Healthy Cooking

My mom has the Power Air Fryer and she loves it! I do not have this appliance in my RV kitchen; however, I have used hers and eaten many meals cooked in it, and it is worth the purchase if you don’t need the toaster oven or convection oven components on the Cuisinart.

It makes excellent steak, baked chicken, and fried chicken, just to mention a few of the recipes I have used it for.

20 | The Lasko Fan Circulates The Air Nicely In The Smaller Living Space Of An RV

I actually have two of these fans. One is in the living room and the other is in the bedroom.

Most RVers follow warmer weather when they are travelling.

This fan is perfect for cooling down the air; however, it also circulates it nicely in the smaller living space.

The tall narrow design doesn’t take up much space. If it does need to be stored underneath, it slides into the side of the underbelly easy because of the shape.

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